Wow, it’s 2020

2020 has been WILD. And we are not even done yet.

I initially started this draft maybe 6 months ago and has been pretty wild for all of us. This pandemic has thrown us all into unprecedented waters and adjusting to this new life has been interesting.
My day-to-day has changed quite drastically since last August. That’s because I’ve finally left the Bay Area and America to return back to my home and native land of Canada. I’m happy to say that I’ve taken a position as a Lead Designer at a stealth startup in the social and gaming space. We have been plugging away at creating a meaningful product in the space and I will hopefully get to share more details soon.
It has definitely been quite pleasant being back in Canada. No more worrying over paying ludicrous costs for basic health care. No more walking on eggshells for fear of losing your work visa. No more ludircous rent for a small space. The weight off my shoulders has honestly allowed me to feel more creative. I’ve made significant progress on two side projects (more on that later!) and the work environment at my current job is much more open than I ever experienced in SF. You don’t really notice these hidden gotchas until you notice you aren’t worrying about them anymore.
The two downsides that are painfully obvious: not being paid in SF funny-money anymore, and the amount of opportunities. I do wish tech companies start opening up to other cities around the world as there is a ton of talent that would prefer to not reside in California or in America. There are a few companies out there that are starting to consider Toronto as a hub, but it isn’t completely supported yet.
Speaking of which I suppose my move to full-time remote work was also good timing. It’s definitely not a work style for everyone but it’s definitely not impossible to do anymore as some companies might have you believe. (I was definitely passed over by certain companies while searching for my current job, only for them to go fully remote due to the current situation anyway????). I personally love being able to carefully plan out my office and setup which allows me to remain inspired throughout the day. Remote work is an excellent option for me as long as the company supports it well.
Anyway I thought I’d write a quick update seeing as how I’ve written nothing for all of 2020. In my defence a lot has happened this year. Stay tuned for some more fun stuff on the website.
Posted Aug 11 2020
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