An Update

Making a slight change to the format

Greetings! It’s been a while. I figure I should write something this year given that it’s already been half a year. Things have been quite busy, pandemic and all. I’m sure we’re all struggling here!
I’ve been reading Naoki Yoshida’s Final Fantasy XIV development diaries books (吉田の日々赤裸々 or ”Yoshida’s Day-to-Day Frankness”). The book is a compendium of columns he wrote for Famitsu over the years. I find the ’frankness’ and word limited format of his columns an intriguing format that I want to try. I always tend to start longer format articles that I never have time to finish.
That and I prefer the candidness of a format like this. It feels more authentic and gives me a chance to write more creatively (with a word count limit!) rather than something super edited and censored. And hopefully write with more frequency and more variety in topics.
Posted Jul 18 2021
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