The Best Laptop Ever


Wah! It’s been a while (again)! Between working at a young startup, and quite a few side projects and art endeavors, and all the new games that have been coming out, it’s been tough trying to find time to write in this blog. But I’ve recently come across something I cannot wait to write about.
It has been a week since receiving my maxed out 16" M1 Max MacBook Pro and I’m struggling to understand how I ever lived without it. My previous machine was a late 2016 MacBook Pro and up until a week ago it was falling over just trying to keep two Electron apps open. I have since put that machine out of its misery.
My idea of a good laptop is one that I insist comes with me everywhere. I should be able to use it hooked up to a monitor at my desk. I should be able to use it on the couch in the evenings when I just wanna chill. I should be able to take it with me on a plane if I ever travel. And while I haven’t been able to take it on a plane with me yet, I can safely say this is it. This is the Best Laptop Ever.
I won’t spend too much time on the technical aspects of the machine because there are plenty of video reviews of it that anything I write would be really redundant. It really is that good. Yes, the MagSafe is good. Yes, the ports are great to have again. Yes, the display and the keyboard are best in class. If you’re a professional of any kind you really cannot go wrong by buying at least the M1 Pro (especially if you work with code, video, 3d, photography, etc.)
I figure the best I can provide is my own personal experience with the laptop. Maybe it’s the honeymoon period or something but this laptop is so good I want to take it with me everywhere. With previous laptops I never wanted to un-dock the thing because I knew it would just set a fire in my lap if I wanted to use it that way. Seriously, my previous laptop was always so hot I figured it was doing some sort of damage to the hardware and my lap was probably detrimental to it getting adequate air flow.
I’ve been using this laptop most evenings while sitting on the couch running Blender and Unity and I have yet to hear the fans spin up for either of those 3D heavy tasks. The only time I heard the fans ever was firing up Disco Elysium on Steam at maximum settings and even then the computer was only luke warm to the touch.
Everything is fast. I don’t ever feel like I have to wait for a basic task to finish. Render times, compiling in Unity, everything feels like its almost instant. The battery is also tremendously efficient that I don’t feel like I have to every really worry about it. (Also fast charging to 50% with the MagSafe is insane).
And I can finally run more than one Electron app (lol).
And before you ask, I don’t even see the notch when I’m working. Like, at all. And from what I’ve heard from other people, they don’t notice it either. Frankly if you give up all this power just because you don’t like the notch, I’d say you are an idiot.
Posted Nov 4 2021
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