Day Ten

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Day Eleven was Harajuku (原宿) day! We mainly wanted to explore the neighbourhood and visit KIDDY LAND (キデイランド). The Kiddyland store is basically five floors of all of the cutest toys you could imagine. Snoopy, Funassyi, Pusheen, Rilakkuma, Disney, etc. Basically my own personal heaven for cute things.

Harajuku Gyozaro 原宿餃子樓

After scouring the entire store and buying way more than we should have we worked up an appetite and headed for a gyoza place recommended by our Airbnb hosts called Harajuku Gyozaro (原宿餃子樓). Supposedly they were the best gyozas in Tokyo and after eating there, I agree. We got 24 pan fried gyozas with garlic and between the two of us we devoured them in 5 minutes. If anyone is in Tokyo and in the mood for gyozas you must go here.

Harajuku 原宿

We then went in search of a sweet shop in Harajuku but like most of our excursions we got distracted by something and ended up inside a LINE store.

Satisfied with the shopping we had done and still in the mood for some sweets and coffee we decided to check out Tokyo Station for the first time and also see the Pokemon Store there. A quick subway ride later and we were lost in the vast Tokyo subway station. After about 20 minutes of wandering in the underground, we finally found the Pokemon Store at the end of a little alley full of merchandise. After buying some more merch it was almost 4pm and having no luck with any good coffee we decided to head back to our Airbnb to drop off our stuff and rest.

I had spotted a yakitori place when we first arrived at our Airbnb called てしごとや ふくの鳥 and had been itching to try it so now seemed like as good a time as any. It had some of the juiciest chicken I had ever had by far. We ordered nine skewers and a plate of delicious grilled chicken with green chili and some native Japanese vegetable paste that had the perfect amount of kick.

By now it was 9pm and rather than head back out we decided to try our had at grabbing some random snacks at 7/11. Eating, after all, is part of the experience! A random assortment of snacks and beer later we were finally completely stuffed. We threw on Rush Hour on Netflix on wide down and then finally crawled into bed at 11pm, ready for a long day tomorrow.

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