Nov 4
Jul 18
An Update

Making a slight change to the format


Dec 31
Is this thing on?

A year in review I guess

Dec 30
Elsie's Most Anticipated 2021

Who knows how many of these will be delayed

Sep 22
Formula 1 Papercraft RB16

I spent a few evenings building a Formula 1 car out of paper

Aug 11
Wow, it’s 2020

2020 has been WILD. And we are not even done yet.


Sep 5
An Interview with Interface Lovers

I talk about my life and day-to-day as a designer

Jun 11
E3 2019 Recap

I was not going to write one of these...then Nintendo did their presentation

May 15
How Animators Created the Spider-Verse πŸ”—

A breakdown from Animators from Into the Spider-Verse

Mar 22
GDC 2019 Key Takeaways and Further Thoughts

Rob Graves drops a knowledge bomb about creativity

Jan 26
Rob Graves - Quick Thoughts on Creativity πŸ”—

Rob Graves drops a knowledge bomb about creativity

Jan 25
The Excellence of Spiderman Into the Spider-Verse πŸ”—

Spiderman Into the Spider-Verse is an incredible animated movie

Jan 18
Why I ignore the design industry on purpose πŸ”—

Why I ignore the design industry on purpose by Jonas Downey

Jan 16
Facebook 3D Photos πŸ”—

Inside Facebook 3D Photos by Alan Zucconi

Jan 1
Twenty Nineteen

Hello 2019


May 4
Framer Prorotypes PROJECT

Various interactive experiments with framer


Nov 30

I started getting making matcha in the morning after having a delicious matcha latte for the first time.

Nov 4

A side-project to track my video game backlog

Sep 18
Logging Life

A few months ago, work started getting rather busy to the point where I was having trouble keeping track of all the different tasks I was asked to do over the course of a single week.

Jun 27
Twitch Bits PROJECT

I lead the design of Twitch's Bits system, a way to send a gift to your favourite Twitch broadcasters.

Jun 21
Anniversary Game PROJECT

I made a game in 30 days on my iPad to celebrate an anniversary


Mar 30
Touchtable Project PROJECT

I created an interactive project for showcasing process work for fellow classmates for our grad show.

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