Work and Experiments


Multiply Wealth. Wealth can mean many different things to people. For me, wealth does not just mean money, but any resource that works for you over time. So equity is an example of monetary wealth, but what I’m more interested in is intellectual and emotional wealth. In the simplest sense, intellectual wealth is the value of the resources you have to meet your intellectual desires. We become more wealthy in this sense by sharing ideas and knowledge and letting them grow. And in the same vein, emotional wealth is the management of our sense of contentment. We get more emotionally wealthy by being authentic and committed to our values.

Find comfort in Curiosity. Learning new things shouldn’t be a blocker. Most people go through life as specialists, but I’d like to think that specialists are painting themselves into a corner. We should be okay with starting something new, exploring outlandish options, or just doing something crazy because we’re curious to see if it works. I personally like to learn new things by tinkering and play. Your curiosity should have no sense of a "dumb question". We can find a place with curiosity that doesn’t have to be scary.

Promote Balance. We cannot be everything to everyone. But we can manage expectations in certain situations. Balance includes things like work-life balance, our skills, or how we spend our time. In yoga, there are times when we can be relaxed but in others we must be determined and strong. I look at life in the same lens: we must always be both vulnerable and resiliant in all aspects of our lives as it is unreasonable to expect we be one or the other at all times.

Foster a sense of Community. We achieve success by being forthcoming and honest with our peers, friends, and family while also being compassionate and empathetic. By doing so, we foster a community of trust and shared vision where we can feel comfortable providing constructive feedback. Building relationships with other people and communities only furthers our sense of purpose and can help us answer those hard questions we would otherwise be unable to answer alone.

Trust in Individuality. Everybody is built with a different set of variables. It is unreasonable to expect that everyone will think the way you do or share the same values. This is okay. Individualism must be met with inclusiveness and we must never force a way of thinking on others. As long as we keep an open mind and an empathetic heart, we can be ourselves and let others be themselves.

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