Twitch Teespring Store

  • UI/UX design including user flows, wireframes, and high fidelity mockups
  • Front-end HTML, CSS, and Javascript integration with Teespring's API with help from Teespring
  • Pushed code to staging and production servers, while making sure to enable the feature at the right time
The Twitch Teespring Store was my first project at Twitch. The company had been eager to expand its monetization options for creators beyond ad revenue. The PM leading the project managed to strike a partnership with Teespring to help Twitch creators produce their own limited time t-shirts.
Because the project was fairly standalone, it was a perfect project for me to get my hands dirty with the design and engineering process at Twitch. The projcet had limited resources at the time, so I ended up writing the HTML, CSS, and Javascript while also jumping head first into the Twitch codebase and Ruby. I was also lucky in that the engineering team had already created a pretty robust feature flag system that tied directly into the internal admin dashboard. That let me write cases for when the switch for this feature was on and when it was off, making the Twitch Teespring Store a successful launch.

There's obviously more to this story.

A lot of process went behind the creation of this project that I am unable to display in such a public manner. But if you'd like to hear more, get in touch.

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