VR UI & UX Experiments [WIP]

Once the Oculus Quest was available for purchase I knew I just had to get in to developing experiences for it.

  • Programming and exploring Unity's capabilities in VR
  • Some 3D model assets were purchased off the Unity Asset Store for speed and execution
  • Learned 3D modeling with Blender, Maya LT, and Cinema 4D (yes, all three)
Virtual Reality is still a fairly new platform, a new way of interacting with content. And with that comes some interesting questions around user experience and user interface. There are certainly plenty of considerations that differ VR interfaces with traditional screen-based ones. This is a collection of experiments that I’ve worked on to get a feel for the virtual reality.
To be perfectly honest, the process of going through these experiments was truly trial-and-error. Creating assets on a screen-based device is completely different than actually using the assets in virtual reality, and the only way to tell if its working is to try it out! Perhaps there is a need for creation tools in 3D space...
Environment modelling in Maya
Environment modelling in Maya

This is a Work In Progress item.

This project isn't entirely finished yet, so please come back regularly to check for any updates! If you're interested in the work I've done here so far, please do get in touch!

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